Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Well good evening - its time for me to get back into doing up my blog.  I have had so many adventures over this past year - I dont know where to begin.  Its late and so it will be a short blog tonight.
As I look back over the year - and look down at my mileage I have done on my bike - I was surprised to see that my bike is at 39,500kms!!  Which means I have ridden 30,500kms in the last 15months.  Wow, I was surprised, pretty pleased with myself and also a little worried about my poor little bike!  She is afterall still my first and only bike so far - a little dual sport Suzuki DR200.  She has certainly done me proud - riding everywhere.  She is my daily commuter, my weekend joy rides, my vacation road trips and also on occasion, my best friend and emotional therapy.
Well there is a little blurb from me - I hope to keep up with this again and post some more recent photos.
Good night for now