Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Well good evening - its time for me to get back into doing up my blog.  I have had so many adventures over this past year - I dont know where to begin.  Its late and so it will be a short blog tonight.
As I look back over the year - and look down at my mileage I have done on my bike - I was surprised to see that my bike is at 39,500kms!!  Which means I have ridden 30,500kms in the last 15months.  Wow, I was surprised, pretty pleased with myself and also a little worried about my poor little bike!  She is afterall still my first and only bike so far - a little dual sport Suzuki DR200.  She has certainly done me proud - riding everywhere.  She is my daily commuter, my weekend joy rides, my vacation road trips and also on occasion, my best friend and emotional therapy.
Well there is a little blurb from me - I hope to keep up with this again and post some more recent photos.
Good night for now


  1. Good to hear from you and to know you've put some real estate under those DR wheels.

  2. Welcome back Deb and congrats on all that riding. Good job.

  3. Welcome back ... In Canada there is no better time to talk about last summer than this winter. Looking forward to hearing about some of those 30 thousand kms.

  4. Can't wait to hear about the adventures you have gone through. Your dual sport Suzuki DR200 looks great. Have you tried the Dual sports tires from Pirelli Motorcycle Tires manufactures. Sure would look nice on your bike.

  5. Wow..amazing way to start a day, going for a ride and see all those bikes am sure it was worth it. They look attractive and sporty. I used to be scared of sports bikes thought they were more fast and stuff but tried one and I bought one for my husband. he enjoys every ride!
    Pirelli Motorcycle Tires

  6. Im going to check out those Pirelli tires fpr my bikes! Just clocked 44,000kms today :)