Saturday, 17 March 2012


Well I just realized that its been a while since I posted.  Life has been happening and it just seems to take up your free time!
I have been doing a lot of thinking in the past little while, I have a birthday coming up and I am trying to make some direction in my life by then so I can use the date as a measurement of time.
I know that life is all about choices, choices we make, choices other people make and I have always lived by the motto to make the most of what you have and What will be will be.  A couple of days ago I received a hand made gift from a best friend.  She always seems to know when to send the right thing just when I need it.
I want to share some of what she sent me....

I have many gifts.
haha new friends are good.  

I didnt know Dr Seuss was so profound!  I am who I am and I dont plan to change  for anyone anymore, working on the speaking my thoughts - thats a little tough for me.

Dar and I - the Moto Mamas - we are both very strong diamonds!
So today I am headed out for a drive to the hair salon for a haircut.  A drastic haircut - time for a change and also - to make it easier when putting a helmet on and off all the time.

Then after that I will come home and put my helmet on my new haircut and go for a ride.  I think a photo hunt on RASCAL is indeed in order.

Its pretty awesome the way getting on your bike and just riding can clear the head, chase away negative thoughts and make you feel better eh?

Here is a picture from the moto mamas last ride before Dar injured her ankle.
Dar shows how it is done, pull over, off road, turn off the bike and then you can Text.

OUR crazy me taking a picture of Dar taking a picture of me.

Bald eagle in nest

Kiwi bird buddy finds a perch in a tree.

Is the kiwi bird done yet!!!  lol

So my friends as this week comes to a close, 

Friendships are the best gift we can give each other.  

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Beautiful Crisp Sunny day in Victoria

This morning certainly started out very crisp, riding to work was nice.  I was toasty warm in my riding gear and layers.  I rode to work this morning with the sun in my face all the way in.
After work the sun had stayed out and allowed Moto mamas to hit the road on another Scarlet & Rascal adventure.
Today we took a little side trip to the top of Beacon Hill Rd.
As usual, we were acting goofy with our photos and again got the usual shot of taking photos of each other taking a photo of each other!

 Moto mamas in our day time riding vests!  They sure make us more visible.
 Aww Rascal and Scarlet missed each other and they couldnt keep their tires away from each other - its moto love!
 This is how moto diva gets her photos.

 I have my trusty little Kiwi along for the ride today, he will be joined by a certain little moose that belongs with Dar.
 Kiwis will go how ever they can as long as they donts have to fly.
Well my friends, good night and ride safe.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Riding Vacation

So I have been so looking forward to this year now that I have my motorbike, and I have vacation to take this year.  But now that I have the opportunity, I cant decide what to do, where to go and should I go by myself?  Besides I dont have anyone that can go with me.
I think that there are so many options, that I cant figure out what to do first?  Does anyone have any ideas to help me get my riding vacations sorted out?  I havent done this before, so I dont know how long it takes to ride places, I dont know how far I can physically ride in a day.

Yesterday I finally came straight home from work because moto diva is in a lot of pain from her old injury on her scooter riding days.  I hope she gets better soon and they figure out how to fix her up.
So I can home and decided to wash my bike.  Boy washing dual sport bikes are way harder than cruisers!  There are more parts exposed that get covered in dirt!  And trying to clean around the chain without getting black grease and oil all over your hands is impossible, but fun all the same.  I have a gravel driveway and a very muddy path to my bike shed - sooo as you can guess, Rascal doesnt stay clean very long!

 An old shower curtain underneath the bike was necessary as washing on the driveway isnt so great when the dirt splashes back up on the bike while Im trying to clean it.
She certainly looks so much prettier when she is all clean and shiney!

So since poor moto diva is not up to riding, poor Scarlet couldnt come out to play.  Rascal was very loney on our last little adventure.
So we tootled around taking roads we hadnt been on before, and low and behold, we found the part of the bridge that they removed and barged to this location.  I think they should put it in the middle of a park and turn it into a extreme jungle gym!! haha

After this photo stop we went further along the waters edge and took some more photos.

A different perspective looking into Fishermans wharf.

After my photo searching, I decided it was time to start heading back home as the rain was starting to get a little on the cold side.  But one last thing to mention, leaving this location I came across my nemesis, steep hill start from a stop at a red light, straight into a sharp right hand turn!  Oh no, scary, one car behind me.  BUT WOO HOO, I did the hill start and turn in one smooth movement!!  I did it, my instructors would have been proud!  I was.

So to all, its good night for now.  

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy.

Well the sun came out, then the clouds came over and hovered.  Then this afternoon the rain came and came and came, BUT - it stopped so that Scarlet and Rascal could have another one of their adventures.
But today I think it was moto diva and moto mama that had the adventure and the fun.
I wanted to check out the local motorcycle coop, what a cool concept.
Pay a membership and that buys discounts on gear, services and parts.
There are bays available so you can work on your own bike, a place to wash your bikes, and some great owners to spend time with.
I bought a membership and a new pair of gloves.  I was looking for gloves that were not so bulky and a lot warmer and waterproof.  Riding home afterwards the gloves were certainly warmer than my old pair.
Moto mamas had fun checking out the gear and we found  Moto Diva the perfect jacket with red in it to go with Scarlet.  We had some fun and shared jokes and bike information with the owners and some clients.  What a cool place for motorcycle friends to hand out.
So for today, I have no pictures to share as it was so interesting that I forgot all about getting my camera out.
After the trip to the bike coop, Moto Diva and I rode together until we had to depart company to head home.  I continued on around the waterfront, my favourite place to ride.  Then I headed home trying out the new gloves and my fingers didnt get cold.  Yay!!