Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Beautiful Crisp Sunny day in Victoria

This morning certainly started out very crisp, riding to work was nice.  I was toasty warm in my riding gear and layers.  I rode to work this morning with the sun in my face all the way in.
After work the sun had stayed out and allowed Moto mamas to hit the road on another Scarlet & Rascal adventure.
Today we took a little side trip to the top of Beacon Hill Rd.
As usual, we were acting goofy with our photos and again got the usual shot of taking photos of each other taking a photo of each other!

 Moto mamas in our day time riding vests!  They sure make us more visible.
 Aww Rascal and Scarlet missed each other and they couldnt keep their tires away from each other - its moto love!
 This is how moto diva gets her photos.

 I have my trusty little Kiwi along for the ride today, he will be joined by a certain little moose that belongs with Dar.
 Kiwis will go how ever they can as long as they donts have to fly.
Well my friends, good night and ride safe.


  1. What a great day, and in the sunshine too.

    I really like the high vis vests that you two wear. I've been thinking about getting one. They have a really nice Icon one in Eugene. Just need to get down there and spend the money.

    Love the little kiwi bird. It is fun to bring a critter along for photos.

    1. Hi Trobairitz, We wear the hi viz vests so we can be seen. I recommend getting one and for me I have found since I combined the vest with the High Viz helmet, I have had way less vehicle encounters. When I first started riding in October last year, in one 2 week period I had 3 very close calls, one without the vest and two with the vest. But as soon as I started wearing the helmet – no close calls so far. I just think having the very visible helmet is more eye catching because your head moves around more and when I approach any intersections or potential interactions with other vehicles, I kinda pop my head up more and move my head around more to attract attention. Its working for me so far.
      We are sure enjoying the riding and the sunshine and will be very glad when its here for a while. My little kiwi is now going to come with me on all my moto adventures and Dar is going to be bringing her Moosey! Haha We are so silly at times when we do our little adventures but it is so much fun and makes us feel young! lol

  2. Deb:

    you two must get off early. by the time I get home it is nearly dark and the traffic is too heavy to go anywhere. the sun sets too early.

    Nice that you got to ride today

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. Your wee kiwi is so cute! We certainly do have our adventures! Still looking for a wayward moosey.