Saturday, 17 March 2012


Well I just realized that its been a while since I posted.  Life has been happening and it just seems to take up your free time!
I have been doing a lot of thinking in the past little while, I have a birthday coming up and I am trying to make some direction in my life by then so I can use the date as a measurement of time.
I know that life is all about choices, choices we make, choices other people make and I have always lived by the motto to make the most of what you have and What will be will be.  A couple of days ago I received a hand made gift from a best friend.  She always seems to know when to send the right thing just when I need it.
I want to share some of what she sent me....

I have many gifts.
haha new friends are good.  

I didnt know Dr Seuss was so profound!  I am who I am and I dont plan to change  for anyone anymore, working on the speaking my thoughts - thats a little tough for me.

Dar and I - the Moto Mamas - we are both very strong diamonds!
So today I am headed out for a drive to the hair salon for a haircut.  A drastic haircut - time for a change and also - to make it easier when putting a helmet on and off all the time.

Then after that I will come home and put my helmet on my new haircut and go for a ride.  I think a photo hunt on RASCAL is indeed in order.

Its pretty awesome the way getting on your bike and just riding can clear the head, chase away negative thoughts and make you feel better eh?

Here is a picture from the moto mamas last ride before Dar injured her ankle.
Dar shows how it is done, pull over, off road, turn off the bike and then you can Text.

OUR crazy me taking a picture of Dar taking a picture of me.

Bald eagle in nest

Kiwi bird buddy finds a perch in a tree.

Is the kiwi bird done yet!!!  lol

So my friends as this week comes to a close, 

Friendships are the best gift we can give each other.  


  1. Lve seeing the pic of the KIWI, you must of ridden with it?

    True freindship is indeed a wonderful gift. Some neat quotes there.

    1. Yup Raftnn - kiwi rides with me and we do the photo shoot with kiwi in it - waiting for Dar to find her Moosey so we can put the two together in the shots. I have more quote photos that I will post as soon as I photograph some more.
      PS - I have dog too from Footrot Flats....I love that cartoon. Might take dog out next time and see if I can find some sheep or cows for him to round up!

  2. Great post.

    Cool gift from your friend is a good reminder on how important great friendships are to us..

    Oh, and where are the pics of this new haircut. I wanna see. I wanna see.

    1. Yes indeed - great friends are always in your heart and mind even if they are distanced from you and you dont always see or talk to each other. The friendship is just there.

  3. I dig the Kiwi should meet Bud E. the PolarBear. He is my riding friend when no one else want to go..

    1. I think kiwi bird and moosey should meet Bud E....

  4. Moosey is still hanging out in the sock drawer, I think he is a little moto skittish. It has been a complete drag waiting to be able to get the MC boot on and throwing a leg over and letting her rip. it was a great day today and glad we old ride & have coffee today!

  5. Nice post, it is important to let friends know they are appreciated either through words or actions, gifts certainly help too. It is great that you two have each other and both ride.

    Happy Birthday!!!