Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Riding Vacation

So I have been so looking forward to this year now that I have my motorbike, and I have vacation to take this year.  But now that I have the opportunity, I cant decide what to do, where to go and should I go by myself?  Besides I dont have anyone that can go with me.
I think that there are so many options, that I cant figure out what to do first?  Does anyone have any ideas to help me get my riding vacations sorted out?  I havent done this before, so I dont know how long it takes to ride places, I dont know how far I can physically ride in a day.

Yesterday I finally came straight home from work because moto diva is in a lot of pain from her old injury on her scooter riding days.  I hope she gets better soon and they figure out how to fix her up.
So I can home and decided to wash my bike.  Boy washing dual sport bikes are way harder than cruisers!  There are more parts exposed that get covered in dirt!  And trying to clean around the chain without getting black grease and oil all over your hands is impossible, but fun all the same.  I have a gravel driveway and a very muddy path to my bike shed - sooo as you can guess, Rascal doesnt stay clean very long!

 An old shower curtain underneath the bike was necessary as washing on the driveway isnt so great when the dirt splashes back up on the bike while Im trying to clean it.
She certainly looks so much prettier when she is all clean and shiney!

So since poor moto diva is not up to riding, poor Scarlet couldnt come out to play.  Rascal was very loney on our last little adventure.
So we tootled around taking roads we hadnt been on before, and low and behold, we found the part of the bridge that they removed and barged to this location.  I think they should put it in the middle of a park and turn it into a extreme jungle gym!! haha

After this photo stop we went further along the waters edge and took some more photos.

A different perspective looking into Fishermans wharf.

After my photo searching, I decided it was time to start heading back home as the rain was starting to get a little on the cold side.  But one last thing to mention, leaving this location I came across my nemesis, steep hill start from a stop at a red light, straight into a sharp right hand turn!  Oh no, scary, one car behind me.  BUT WOO HOO, I did the hill start and turn in one smooth movement!!  I did it, my instructors would have been proud!  I was.

So to all, its good night for now.  


  1. The bike looks great but I'm sure it prefers to be dirty!

    I've done a fair bit of touring by myself and enjoyed it. I'm not sure how safe it is for a solo female where you are to travel alone (I would hope that is no issue at all) but if you can't have someone join you then maybe you can setup regular check-ins with a friend.

    With your great little bike I reckon it'd be a lot of fun getting off the beaten track (not necessarily off-road but off the main routes) and explore. This way you might be able to have shorter distance rides where you see more of the countryside.

    Maybe you can even find some new places close to home for day trips or maybe the odd over-nighter.

    Whatever you do, stay safe and have a great time!

    1. Andrew thanks for you advice, I agree I think she prefers to be dirty too because for some reason every time there is a puddle around she heads straight for it. I am going to do some day trips as soon as the weather is predictable enough and work up to an over nighter.
      I will be careful and plan my trips well. Lots of communications and check ins too.

  2. Good job on the hill start. It does get easier.

    Rascal looks nice and washed up, but dirty bikes have a certain flair too.

    I agree with Andrew on the day trips to start out. This will give you an idea of how long you can be in the saddle and how far you can go. My longest day trip is just over 300 miles so far. I know that will be increasing this year.

    Of course riding pillion the longest day was 473 miles and I could hardly get off the bike after that.

    Maybe ride up the island as far as you feel like going. Stay overnight somewhere and ride home the next day. See how far you went before calling it quits for the day. The more you do it, the further you'll be able to go too.

    1. Trobairitz thanks - I think the winter riding is sure helping with my riding confidence.
      I think I am going to plan a treat for myself for my birthday and take a ride up island and stay over night at a spa and ride home the next day! I think that might just be a great over night road trip eh?

  3. Deb:

    I can't make any commitments right now, but I plan to visit my Uncle in Campbell River. The road to Gold River is delightful, also the coastal road up north of Parksville is slow and scenic, so I could be company on that weekend. And I stop at nearly every scenic outlook and snap photos.

    Perhaps you should do the Port Renfrew Loop, but it would be better to have a riding partner as the part from Port Renfrew to Mesachie Lake is through forest with no cell service, and no one would find you if you slipped off the road

    How about an overnighter to one of the Gulf Islands, say, SaltSpring ? They have a farmers market in the town centre on Saturday mornings. You could do the loop, up to Chemainus, then back through Victoria

    I imagine you have already ridden Shawnigan Lake road, Mill Bay Road and zig zagged to Chemainus. The road to Maple Bay is very nice and twisty. There is a marina at the end for you to have lunch.

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Hey Bob, anytime you head over here let us know and we will certainly ride with you. I have a friend in Ladysmith that rides and VStrom as well and Im sure you would enjoy meeting him as well.
      Thanks for the advice on all the good road trips.

  4. Awww Deb I have been missing our tootles too, but the hip is feeling a little better today. I am going to get working on the strengthening exercises.

    I think you should consider an island ramble, it is territory you are familiar with. Book yourself in at Tigh Na Mara and go to the spa!

    1. Dar - Tigh Na Mara is the place I really want to go to. I have checked the website out so many times. It looks like an incredible place to relax.

  5. My first ever trip I went to Coromandel of an overnight er. The grand total of 150kms, Hell I was proud of myself. Now I go there and back in a day and don't even think about it. Once you get out there and start doing it you relises you have nothing to fear, the only thing that will hold you back is you! Just pick a destination and got for it. enjoy the ride and every thing you see. Time alone on the bike is a great thing

    1. Raftnn - you bring back memories to me... Coromandel - now that would be an awesome ride! I remember that road, my family used to go there for some summer holidays with relatives in a beach bach. I got stung by a jelly fish in Coromandel, I found a big gemstone in the ocean and I found my first fools gold! Its beautiful there isnt it.
      I remember my first ride on my own over a twisty hilly mountain called the Malahat. Its similiar to the Kaimai Ranges but only about 1/2 the size. I was so proud on accomplishing that too. Thanks for the advice.

  6. I am not sure if it is healthy for a dual sports bike to be clean... I never washed my F650GS that's what rain is for ;-) My longest solo ride was 600km per day, and that is not something I'd like to repeat. It is very much depending on the size of the bike and your butt feeling... I can easily do 400km a day on a 200cc Vespa, but most comfortable (scooter or bike) is a daily range of 300 to 400 km. It gives you enough saddle time as well as time to relax.

    1. SonjaM - haha I dont clean my bike as often as I should, but when a little dual sport hangs around with Dars Scarlet and big Hondas and HD and a dual sporter who is meticulous about his bikes, it makes me feel like I am being neglectful to Rascal. But then again I like your logic better!! I think I could handle a 3-400km day, it seems reasonable to do.