Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Today was such a beautiful day for winter.  It was so nice to be out riding :)  But I was so frustrated today as well because everywhere I rode today I saw drivers blatantly talking on hand held cell phones and others obviously texting on cell phones while driving.  Do these people really think we cant tell?  The drivers doing the head bob, or the drivers leaning over to the right with the phone against their ear thinking no-one can see them??  Do drivers really think they are fooling anyone?  Im frustrated because as a driver you can at least write down the license plate.

Today I also had to go and inform my bank and the credit bureau that personal information and banking information has been stolen from my place of work.  This affects thousands of workers and is going to be long term!  I hope they catch the theives, but we will never know if the data they stole has been passed on or copied or sold and if not now it could be compromised in years to come.  This really does bring into focus just how vulnerable we have become with the digital age.

Oh well enough about that - my dad is home from hospital and hopefully on the road to a good recovery.  Mum has started chemo, but has had to stop because of a problem with her blood?  Dont know what that means but I think I will phone and talk to them on the weekend.

I now have arrangements in place to go over to Vancouver to the Motorcycle show.  Woo hoo a new Kiwi Adventure!!  This is my first time to do something like this.  I will be going with 6 other people and we are all a little crazy about motorbikes.  We are car pooling which is great because it makes it totally affordable to go.  I am looking forward to seeing all the bikes there, hopefully being able to sit on them and finally really test out the bikes for size and maybe choose my dream bike and the practical bike that I will be able to get next.
I will certainly be posting from the motorcyle show some blogs and some photos.  First though I do have to go and upgrade my cell phone and plan to be able to do this on the go.

Well time to get a bit of knitting done tonight which has been on the back burner lately being busy with learning how to get this blog going.
So goodnight

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  1. I am so excited about this I can't tell you how much!!!! Another bike friend of mine from my blog Bobskoot West Coast scooting/motorcycle blog is going to come on out and join the party! He lives in Vancouver and it will be good to see him.

    Today on my way home from work a guy in Audi didn't shoulder check while coming down Pandora. He came into my lane and I laid on the horn and scared the bejjeebers out of him. Seriously I am getting so tired of poor driving habits, no shoulder checking, no signalling. It is getting lame. I didn't post about it on my FB or blog because my momma reads my blog, I don't want to make her anymore nervous than she is already.