Saturday, 28 January 2012

My saturday

Well today was a little drizzly outside, of course its saturday!  But first thing this morning I had to get my "ex" to help me out with his truck to go and pick up and big tv and entertainment centre that a friend was giving me.  We went and picked it up thinking that I would be able to give it to my daughter, but it was the same as what they already had.  Ok now I have to get rid of it too.  I am sure I can find someone who would like to have them.
But now my place is pretty crowded which has me thinking spring cleaning and a major rearranging of furniture.  I know its not spring, but a change would be good at this time of year.  I actually like to regularly change things around at home.
Well even though today was grey and drizzly I still got out for a ride.  Went over to one motorcycle shop, met a couple of riders there, sat on a couple of bikes and perused all the "stuff" I would like!  But just window shopping though.
It was so funny today, Princess Scooterpie was going to meet me at the bike shop because she had seen me riding by when she was out.  So messaged me to say she would meet me at the bike shop.  It was strange, I was downstairs, she was upstairs and we couldnt find each other until I realized we were at different bike shops!  Oops! haha
But I did have a good talk to the bike shop salesman.  It appears they all know me well there since I bought my first bike off them.  Now it appears I may buy my second bike off them if things go right and another client wants to trade his bike in.  Im looking at a a Suzuki Gladius as my next bike....very pretty bike and it feels really good.  Just the right size.
Well time to get onto some knitting tonight, still trying to make myself a sweater, I wonder if I will get it finished before summer??  Tomorrow is going to be busy with rearranging all my furniture.
Just to finish this blog I want to share one of my favourite sayings

"The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement."

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  1. It was so funny we thought we were at the same store, I couldn't figure out what you were doing downstairs. Talk about crossed wires!