Monday, 9 January 2012

Mondays....isnt it friday yet!

Well today was a pretty good day to ride to work, slept in a bit and left for work a little later which led to a ride with more light.  With all the riding I have been doing lately, I am realizing more and more how often and how many people do in fact drive with undue care and diligence.  In fact now there are even more things to distract drivers.  And really, this new found awareness is only because I took up riding. Being vulnerable brings about awareness.
The motorcycling really came about because of a life changing event that happened to me which led to me meeting new people.  One special person took me out for a ride on the back of his bike, and I was absolutely hooked!  From that moment on I had a strong desire to get my license and my own motorbike.  I have always believed that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.  So I did.  I cant tell you how excited I was when I booked my motorcycle riding lessons through Vancouver Island Safety Council here in Victoria.  Well actually some people could because they never stopped hearing about it from me! lol
Booking those lessons was the first thing I have done for myself in so many years that I couldnt remember the last time I did.  It was the beginning of my motorcycle adventures that this kiwi has started.
With the motorcycling came another passion I found I have and that is to promote safety on the roads for motorcycle riders and in fact all motorists whether they are on bikes, scooters, bicycles, cars or trucks etc..... just ensure all roads are always being maintained and updated to protect all motorists where and whenever possible.
Im still not sure where my blog is going, but as I am a person who tends to be forever looking for ways to makes things better, to help people, I hope that my blog doesnt get boring! haha
But I do have to say that I have come by my love of riding honestly.  I did ride a scooter when I was in my teen years, then didnt do it again, although all 3 brothers took up riding, which in turn came from a dad who was a mechanic, built his own racing cars and raced on the speedway circut for many years.  He also took up a love of motorcycles and road for many years.  Over the years, one brother had a motorcycle accident  when he was trail riding, went over the handle bars and broke his neck, he was a paraplegic at age 22.  The other two brothers were in a head on collision on their way to a motocross event they were competing in, one brother died.  My dad himself was T Boned by a car who just pulled out without looking.  My dads neck was broken and he spent many months in a halo, then months of therapy, but he still went back to riding again when he was cleared, only to lose his sight.  So these events are what make me want to ride....yes I said want to ride, but also make me want to do all that I can to make roads as safe as we can so that all motorists and passengers can be as safe as possible.
The Malahat needs barriers because they WILL SAVE LIVES.
Ok enough ranting from me for the night.....I think I have to invest in a new cell phone so I can post during the day as things pop into my mind.
Well over and out and goodnight :)

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  1. Deb you are passionate about riding and safety, you have already made a difference by suggesting the VISC alumni get together and talk about what happened in October with the tragic accident and look what came of that! Riding is an amazing therapy, it puts you in touch with yourself. I have been riding solo on a scooter and now bike for almost an entire year, this after sitting on the back of my hubby's bike for 28 years. I had a 'Doh!' moment and am now wondering why I didn't do this sooner. But I guess the time is right now, so I will take it for the gift it is.

    Your blog looks great! don't worry too much about what your blog is going to be about, that is the wonderous thing about it, it grows, changes and is totally your inspiration, rants, happy times and bad times. It is what it is. You are going to love this! Cheers Kiwi_Deb! I am tweeting your blog post. ;)