Thursday, 19 January 2012


 Wednesday evening above, thursday morning below.
Well the last few days have been quite the event in Victoria. Yesterday woke up to a dump of snow - yes for Victoria it was a lot.  I did not want to have to dig my car out and all the way "UP" to the road.  Besides I have 2 inclines to go up to get onto the road.  My little car is front wheel drive and pretty good in the snow, but I knew there was black ice under that snow so I was a little hesitant to drive.  Dont get me wrong I have a lot of experience driving in winter weather since living in Northern BC just like my riding buddy Princess Scooterpie!  But my son came to the rescue in his 4x4 truck and drove me to work and back.  I work at the University of Victoria and they decided to be the only school NOT to close for the day due to snow.  Yay for my son who saved the day!  I got to work just an hour later than usual, so didnt have to take a holiday day if I had stayed home.  haha as usual I have diversed from where I was going with my blog today.
So yesterday when my son picked me up from work, we were driving home down Mackenzie when to my utter surprise, a UVic student was riding his scooter, with a terrified look on his face, in the centre lane, towards the university.  Because of the weather conditions, he was of course riding slower than the traffic and was holding up traffice with a line up behind him.  This was not the worst, he had a helmet on which was great, not a full face, an open face helmet.  He had a jacket and jeans on, but on his feet he had runners on.....AND he had both feet on the ground on both sides of the scooter, sliding them along as he rode using his feet to keep his balance while he rode on the snow and ice!  I really believe that we need to have licensing for scooters and that since they share the road with cars, trucks and motorcycles, they should have some kind of guidelines and be treated the same as motorcycles.
But I was sad to have to put my motorbike away in her shed.  I have a nice little heater in there to keep her warm and dry.  I still havent come up with a good name for her yet.  She is like me, shorter and smaller than most other bikes, she doesnt have as many cc's as all her friends, but what she lacks in size she makes up in enthusiasm.  She is adventurous, daring and lots of fun.  So lets see what would fit as a name for her.........
Hmm now that description matches a mischievous little New Zealand bird called the Kea, its a very personable bird, likes to be around people, loves to chew anything that has rubber on it and has been know to wreak tyres, wiper blades and peck at anything on your vehicle or motorbike.... how does Kea sound?  Check out this video of the Kea...
Well saturday is coming up fast and a group of us want to get over to the Motorcycle show in Abbotsford.  A yearly event that I have never been to before and Im so excited to go.  Problem is "the SNOW"  I wish that the sun would come out and melt everything and keep it from freezing for the next few days - then I dont mind if we get more snow, I just want to go to the motorcycle show!
There are a few of us that are car pooling - but of course we want to be smart and if the road conditions are not safe, then of course we wont go.  I want to check out the bikes for size, check out the womans section of the show and maybe purchase some heated gloves or a new helmet.  I also want to enter in all the competitions that I can, I would love to win the motorbikes that are being put up as door prizes!
Well its that time of night that I should be sleeping so goodnight and lets hope for a nice warm day tomorrow.

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  1. Deb, it was weird how when we left there was tons of snow on the ground & when we came back it was all but gone. It was an awesome weekend!