Sunday, 19 February 2012

130kms for a sunday ride.

Well today it wasnt as raining cats and dogs like yesterday, in fact I actually slept in this morning until 9am!  Wow, it was so nice getting up when I felt like it and not having to get up because I had something I had to do.  I think I am finally enjoying this living on my own now.  For many years I had to get up early to make breakfast, get kids to school, drive for the paper route, drive to skating lessons, go to work!  Then there were the weekends when I would just get up early and have a few minutes to clean up before everyone got up or just to have a cuppa tea.  So since I got my motorbike whom I nicknamed "Rascal," I cant believe how much my life has changed.  I have had a lot of things happen in my life, but taking the riding lessons and getting my bike was one of the things that "I" made happen for me.

So today, when I got up, I made a cuppa tea, sat down with my laptop and caught up with my friends on facebook and my blogs.  Decided to go riding and visit a couple of friends.

Took my time, and finally started getting ready.  I got my gear on, headed out to my shed to get Rascal out.
Checked her out, she needed more air in the tires, so headed out to fill her up with gas - all $6.61 worth.  Put air in the tires and I was ready to go.
I headed out along my road, its a great twisty road.
The traffic wasnt too bad today being a sunday.  Headed through town and out towards the highway.
Rascal was doing really well today, she had no problem keeping up to the speed limit.  It was interesting that when I approached the speed indicators, doing the speed limit of 80kms hr - the traffic passing me was doing 100kms hr.  This is on a corner that has recently had two head on collisions due to speed!
I continued on to the Malahat Summit where I stopped to take a couple of pictures.
While standing taking these photos a light frozen mist was falling.

I took a panoramic view from the malahat looking out towards the Saanich Peninsula, the airport and Sidney BC.

So after enjoying the view and taking some photos it was time to get back on the bike and continue our sunday ride.  AFTER I figured out how to get back on the bike without it tipping!  I always get myself into this situation.  The slope away from the bike was a lot more than you can tell from this photo.  Still something I have to learn.

On my way to had coffee with a friend and check out how much renovations he had done since the end of summer when I helped paint his japanese style fence.

The after coffee I headed back into Mill Bay to stop at Tim Hortons for another coffee!! haha  I took a picture of Rascal outside timmies waiting for me to come back out.  Doesnt she look lonely?
Well I headed on out and rode back into town.  Once in Goldstream I thought, Im not done riding yet, so took the road off into Goldstream itself and took the route through a number of neighbourhoods and made my way down to the Inner harbour, Fishermans Wharf for more photos.

A panorama of part of Fisherman's Wharf.

Rascal was quite happy sitting here with her new friends while I snapped a few more photos.

Now on to part II of todays ride....................


  1. Moto Mama we are going to have to go for an epic ride soon! I rousted my two out of the house and we hopped on Scarlet and the scoot. I was so proud of M today because she rode the scooter! OMG my little girl is growing up! She has already called dibs on K's bike. Seriously a girl has to start small.

    1. Thanks Dar - you are the best moto friend ever - heck best friend ever! Its funny how all of a sudden you realized your babies have grown up! Enjoy.

  2. Love those panoramic shots! You're right, one bike by itself does look lonely - it either needs a mate or a rider...

    1. Andrew when I get back to NZ I will for sure come and visit you and maybe take a little ride with you if dad will let me take his bike!! haha He is already planning to get back on his BSA and tootle around the airstrip!