Thursday, 16 February 2012

Weigh in day!!

Well today was the first weigh in on the weight loss challenge at work.  I was down about 3lbs - not what I was hoping for, but of course, I did really well for 3 weeks and then this week ahhhh, kinda slipped.  But at least it was down. Im in forth place at the moment, and with a $300 pot to win.  I have to step it up because that would go towards a new bike.  Im really hoping I get this VStrom from a friend of mine.  Or I may use it to buy fabric for my daughters wedding dress.  June 16th is the wedding day and I am making her wedding dress for her.  It will be my first child to get married.  Its going to be exciting, and interesting.....well actually I will say it, its going to be weird, hard breaking and heartwarming all in the same moment.
Seeing my ex with my ex best friend, seeing the ex's family whom most chose to cast me aside.  So its going to be a trying time for me.  But maybe I will just arrive on my motorbike and that will give me the guts I need for the evening.  haha oops that wont work, I will be taking care of my two grandchildren so the bike is out.  Besides, helmet hair wouldnt do for mother of the bride now will it?
I missed my ride tonight with Dar, I had to go and get my 2 year eye appointment done.  Need new glasses again!  Seems like my eyes just dont stop changing.  But I am going to give contacts a try again.  I want to use them just when I am riding so that I have better peripheral vision.  Wearing glasses is a little harder wearing a helmet as it restricts your vision a little.
So I wonder - last night coming home from my ride with Dar, it was dark and I had a truck behind me with his highbeams on, what do you do to get their attention to turn down their lights.  I was on a road where it was unsafe to pull over as I was in a rural area.  I tried hold my hand up and then covering one mirror hoping he would get it, then I tried flicking my headlight on and off highbeam.  What else can you do?  What I did to help was lean right fwd so the lights werent in my eyes, but thats a little hard to maintain. lol plus it probably looked funny.  haha
Well its time to put the computer away and get some sleep - YAY TGIF tomorrow!! Woo hoo Dar we have to go riding saturday morning.

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  1. Hey, three pounds is a good start. Good job.

    Not much you can do with lights behind you. If it isn't safe to pull over you might try slowing down a bit and see if they will go around you.