Monday, 20 February 2012

Just a plain old monday today.

Well what can I say about today?  Hmm, its monday, nothing out of the ordinary happened today.  What can I tell you about tonight........
I know - this might make you laugh a little.  I just to teach square and round dancing!
Ok so this goes back to when I was 16 yrs old.  I had a friend and she got me to go to square dancing with her.  Well I absolutely loved it.  So much so that by the second night - I had already made myself a square dance dress, made myself a crinoline and was ready for the second learners night.  I think I just loved the dresses and the big frilly petticoats.  Well I kept this up for a couple of years, we formed a young group of dancers and we travelled all over the north island of New Zealand attending all kinds of dances.  Mostly we would camp at local campsites and attend the dances, come back to the camp site and sit around drinking hot chocolate and talking most of the night.  We always had an older couple with the group who had a "caravan"  what we would call a motorhome here.
So as I said this went on for a couple of years and through this time I started learning singing calls.  I enjoyed singing.  But after the two years the main caller of the club retired.  There was no-one to take over so at 18 years old I was running a square dance club.  I had a basic learners class to teach and a mainstream level class to run.  I did this for a few years, then after meeting my then husband, he took up square dancing too and started to call as well.  After a few more years of this together we moved back to Canada, where once again as soon as people heard we were callers, we were hooked right back into teaching a class  here as well.
And yes there really is a lot more to square dancing the the Do se do!! haha

Ok well time to say goodnight my friends and hopefully tomorrow night I can find something more inspiring to write about.

Oh I remember one funny little thing from today - as you may know, I work at a local University in the Security and Parking department.  We also handle the "lost & Found"  Today we had a young man call us and ask do we have a lots & found.  To which we answered "yes we do - what have you lots"  Simple question right?  His answer was "well its kinda personal and I don't want to say, and our answer - well sir, if you dont tell us what you have lost we cant identify the item and let you know if we have it.  "Oh" was his reply, then he said, well its kinda embarrassing.  Well when you work in a university - nothing is ever dumb, stupid, dangerous or outright ridiculous enough to shock us, so we encourage him to tell us what he had lost and of course our imaginations were thinking all kinds of things that it could be.  So his answer was.........
"I lost the cover to my umbrella"   Aargh!!!  Really?  Like Really?  LOL


  1. Mondays can either be just plain or boring, too busy or very exciting. Yesterday my day was just plain old long and I was a little grumpy to boot by the end of it. Poor family. I apologized for my snarking at them.

  2. Dar, via Deb:

    I don't think you know how to be grumpy. You are the essence of happiness and joy

    Riding the Wet Coast