Sunday, 19 February 2012

Saturday in my life

Well today started off raining cats and dogs!!  So I thought no getting out to ride today because I had company coming over for a pot luck dinner and I had housework to get done.  Shannon and my grandkids came over early to take me to the fabric store.  Shannon is looking for fabric so I can make her wedding dress, we found some nice fabrics, but didnt decide on anything yet.  By the time we finished looking, we narrowed it down to a couple of fabrics, but we want to check out some other stores to make sure we have something to compare.
Later we went and picked up a few groceries so I could cook for our dinner.
Got home and got most of my chores done and I looked out side and the sun was shining, and I couldnt resist the pull of my bike.
Got geared up an took a little trip out to my friend Mikes house.  He had an old pair of saddle bags that he was going to give me for my bike.  They were in need of some repair, but Im sure I can fix them.  So collected them and tucked them up on the seat behind me with the cargo net.

This evening was a wonderful night of laughter, Darlene and her hubby and her daughter were here as well as Cindy and her hubby.  We all got along really well.  I must say us riding woman are pretty adventurous, the men in this picture are going to need to try and keep up with us! lol

Well tomorrow I am going to try and get out on the bike and take some photos so that I have something to post with my blogs.  Right now I have to head to bed as I am nodding off getting this typed and onto my blog.
So good night for now my blogging friends and chat tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful evening Deb!

  2. Good friends are keepers, especially riding friends.

    I am glad you had such a god day.