Tuesday, 14 February 2012

The start to a new week.

Yesterday when I got to work, Rascal was so excited because she got to park beside the bike of her dreams.  The BMW F800, this is what she aspires to be when she grows up!  lol  I couldnt resist with all the empty motorcycle parking, I just had to park next to this lovely bike.  I am so luck also that the brand new motor cycle covered parking was just built and right behind my department!
Ahh weekends dont last long do they - actually this week is already going by pretty fast considering that it is reading break at the university so the students are not around much right now.  But best of all - the sun came out late this afternoon again just like yesterday.  I think the weather is being nice to the Moto Mamas so that we can get out and ride after work.  Really I have been pretty lucky.  I got my little Rascal on Oct 13th 2011 and I have ridden every day except 8 days when it was too snowy and icy.

Both yesterday and today the Moto Mamas got out for a ride together in the sunlight - who says its still winter??  Although today's ride was a little shorter - but still a good ride through lots of traffic, over the Bay St bridge.  We had a little hiccup in our ride home tonight because alas, Miss Scarlet had a flat battery.  But never fear Motorcycle Man to the rescue - aww how sweet and on Valentines Day too!  Dar you have a good man!  A couple of runs down the parking garage ramp and motoycycle man had miss scarlet gently growling again ready to ride.

 Tulips on my desk today.
The red rose from my son for valentines days.

Well today of course is valentines day - and you cant escape all the romantic things people are doing and also all the advertising.  Amazing how flowers cost so much more at this time eh?  But even though there isnt a significant other in my life right now....my son left me a red rose in my door for me to find when I got home from work today - he really is a great son.  I also was lucky to have some tulips on my desk.  One of the young men in the office was thoughtful and bought flowers for the two single unattached woman in the office.  It was such a considerate thing to do.  I did think the day would be kinda down because it is days like this that make me think about what has happened in the last few years.  I am a hopeless romantic and it really does suck not having someone to lavish all the things I like to do for someone.  lol  Well I guess its my Rascal that I can lavish it all on now!

This is my grandson Darren my 6 yr old valentine, and below is Rascal my current beau! lol

So today I have realized that I really dont know a lot about what I can do if I have any problems out on the road.  So for those that are reading this, what do you think I would need to learn before I hit the road on some road trips?


  1. You have ridden a lot of days since October. Good for you. I am not that dedicated.

    Before adventuring out on a trip you might want to learn how to change a tire or bomb start/push start your bike in the event the battery is too low to start the bike. Of course if it is dead dead, I don't think that will work.

    1. Trobairitz - thanks, I am riding as much as possible to get as much experience as I can before summer and road trips. I figure get as much bad weather riding in and then I wont have to worry about running into it on a road trip! I guess I should get myself a trickle charger and also research how to care for a battery as well. Push or jump start a bike sounds scary but I think I better learn to do that too. This is going to be an awesome summer for me!

  2. Deb thank you for being part of my rescue team! Motorcycle man was awesome. Before you came I tried to push Scarlett up the ramp, she's too heavy. He topped up the levels & it's on the tender right now. Good thing would be to have a buddy on your trip. Lol the Moto Mamas will ride again!!!!!

    1. Dar, Moto Mamas have to plan a road trip, plus the lady riders day event. We can plan one of our own.
      I was glad to hang out and chat while we waited for motorcycle man!

  3. Deb:

    for emergencies I carry some 'spares', tire repair kit & air compressor, zip ties, electrician's tape and some tools. The tools are not for me to use, but when someone comes to help they always say they don't have the tools for the job.

    Also I have BCAA and upgraded it to include Motorcycle coverage. You can get service at any Triple AAA in North America by phone an 800#. Includes towing, flat tires, etc. So as long as your cell phone works, or someone can call Triple AAA for you, then you know help is on the way

    My m/c insurance is through Beacon. They cover accidents etc, so if your bike is damaged and cannot be ridden, they will cover getting it back to BC, give you some $$ for accomodations and help with expenses to get you home.

    of course, having a Riding Buddy is the best.

    I have a friend in Brentwood Bay who has a V-strom and also a Burgman. I hope he wasn't the one you were referring to with the health issues. His name is Ian.

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Hi Bob thanks for the info - I will look into Triple AAA - I do have BCAA and will upgrade it to include my motorcycle. My friend with the VStrom and Bergman is in Ladysmith and his name isnt Ian. Since you have a VStrom Bob, can you look into how much you can lower the bike and what would be the lowest seat height. The bike I ride now is 32", I would be more comfortable if it was lower, but I am managing the bike ok at that height.
      I am going to look and see if I can pick up and small air compressor as well for my bike.
      Happy riding Bob