Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A new resolution and a bit more about me.

Ok here is is February 1st 2012.  Today I gave myself a challenge, actually a friend of mine spurred me on to make this challenge with myself, and also to prove something to him, that starting tomorrow the 2nd February, up until (and forever afterwards) he leaves and gets back from a motorcycle trip to Alaska.  I am starting a weight loss and fitness challenge.  In part its because I need to and have to and finally want to. Second its because I want to be more agile on my motorbike and because I want to be able to do some trail riding. And thirdly, because I want to be a hot motorcycling grandma!! haha No not really the third one.
For me, from that first time a friend gave me a ride on the back of his bike - I was hooked.  My family has ridden for years.
My dad and his beloved Beeza (his restored BSA) here he is ready to ride around the grassed private airstrip.  By the way - my dad is legally blind.  You cant keep a good biker down!
Then there are my brothers, the youngest who owns a Yamaha dealership in NZ.  But he only deals with farming bikes and motorX.

Then my other brother - the oldest of the 3 boys, used to ride bikes, did lots of trail riding until the accident that left him a paraplegic at the age of 21. A few years ago he built himself a 4 wheel drive hand controlled car to be able to get off road again.

My middle brother used to ride motoX as well but unfortunatly a the age of 24, was killed in a car accident when the two brothers were on their way to a motox race.  Here he is riding.  RIP Wayne.

So when you see all this, its a wonder I didnt start riding earlier eh?  Well when I was younger I did start with a scooter before I got my car. I rode that scooter ever where!  But until my kids had grown up, a marriage break down and a new begining for me......the timing was finally right for me to do something for me, and it was to take the motorcycle basic and traffic riding courses.  I fell in love with riding even more.
It took me a year after getting my license, to finally be able to afford to buy my very first motorbike, and here she is.

I am thinking, thanks to a friend, of calling my bike Joey.  haha its a funny story for another post.  
I am hoping that this isnt too boring to read, but I will bring you up to date more as time goes by.  
Here is my parents and my two brothers and my middle daughter who is living in NZ in the same town as my parents.  I was lucky to win a trip to NZ for the christmas of 2010 - another story to fill you in with some time.


  1. Great story, not boring at all. You and your family have been through a lot and persevered, thank you for sharing and best wishes on your new challenge.

  2. I agree with Troubadour and was thinking the same thing.

    Your family has been through a lot and through it all has not lost their love of motorcycles. That says a lot about a person.

    Kudos to you on your new challenge.

  3. Deb - You can do anything you set your mind too! I have seen your steely determination and resolve. Don't get discouraged remember its about babysteps!

  4. It is a great story Deb, being a Kiwi I feel an affinity with you and can probably relate to all of you experinces. One of your reasons for getting fit, (Being flexiable on the bike) is also the reason I am trying to improve my fitness.

    PS: I like the new type I always found the last one hard to read.

  5. Deb:

    You come from a long line of bikers, congrats on finally getting your license. I wished I had the resolve to lose weight, you are shaming me . . . I started yesterday. I cut down on my soda intake, from 3 glasses down to 2. I know, it's a big jump. But then I grabbed a handful of cashews, so it evens out.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. Troubadour, Trobairitz, Dar, Raftnn, bobskoot
    Thanks so much for your kind comments. I have more to tell.

  7. Wow, your family went trough some tough patches but everybody seemed to be doing what he loved.

    Please continue. I am very close to 'the Kiwis', be it only through work and blogger friends, but I love the country, I have been there and would like to hear and learn much more about you.