Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Scarlet and Rascal adventures

Tonights post will be a little shorter I think.  Im pretty tired, had a good day at work and then was happy to see the weather get better this afternoon that meant "another Rascal and Scarlet adventure".
Todays riding was good - we met up after work and then headed for Dars place as usual when we would part ways and head home.  Today we both decided we werent ready to head home and put the bikes away.  Instead we donned on our safety vests and headed out.  We did some night riding and highway riding.  Since we are both directionally challenged, I let Dar & Scarlet lead the way since they knew this area better than me and Rascal.
I did take issue with one cager tonight - I was riding through an intersection, put on my blinker and then pulled off the road into the gas station with Dar ahead of me when a stupid cager started laying on the horn at me???  I have no idea what it was about.  But as we talked about it while filling our bikes with gas, a taxi driver called over to us and said we did nothing wrong.  He said he must have had small man syndrome!  haha  That was good to have it confirmed.

Well Dar and I realized tonight, with riding together we were able to see that our safety vests werent as visible as we thought they were in the night.  So this weekend I intend to sew reflective piping all around my vest and my riding pants.  It was interesting, Dars TourMaster pants were very well reflecting in the lights, but my Joe Rocket pants have absolutely nothing refective on them at all.  That is not good.  I think that I may just write to Joe Rocket and mention this to them.  The only bit that is reflective is the reflective strip I put around the hem of the pants.
Well time to say goodnight, so happy riding dreams everyone.


  1. It is good that you could see how reflective you are at night. Good to know they aren't as reflective as you thought so you can fix it before it is an issue.

    I am glad you two have so much fun riding around together. I like hearing about your riding adventures.

    1. Thanks Trobairitz - between Rascal and Scarlet - we will keep you entertained I am sure. We are quite the pair. Both directionally challenged so that alone is going to be entertaining! lol

  2. Deb:

    I put lots of reflective strips on my bike, visible from the rear and sides, so reflective piping isn't required. I have found that the White reflective tape is best, really works when light shine on it, and you still notice the white during the daylight.

    As for your Vstrom Height question; My bike is UNDER 32", most likely around 31-1/2" and this is STOCK with NO modifications. It appears high when you swing your leg over, but once on I can flat foot without problems. Your DR is higher than my Vstrom. I don't know the year of the STROM you were looking at but on my year the seat is shaved lower and many others just change seats, or you could have yours repadded.

    Get a GPS. they are cheap, A car Garmin mounted with RAM mounts from , that's what I have and wired into the bikes 12V eleectric system. Use a ziplock bag to cover, when raining

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Thanks Bob - sounds like the Vstrom might work out height wise then. It will be a challenge to ride a heavier bike thats taller too. But a challenge is a challenge! lol As to the reflective tape - Im going to do that as well as I managed to find some sticky reflective strips that are actual reflectors, so going to stick them on the bike too.
      I do have a car GPS with blue tooth - I think its a sanyo - so I think with a zip lock that could work. I will look for a mounting kit for it. Thanks for all your helpful comments Bob.

  3. I love riding with you Moto Mama! I missed riding with you today! Aren't you going to be glad when it's lighter longer and warmer out? My fingers were frozen when I got home.

    1. Hey Moto Diva - I missed you today too. But got my eyes checked out, need new glasses, but going to use my old frames and also getting some contacts to try out when I am riding. That will be so much better if my eyes can take the contacts. No more struggles to get my glasses on with the helmet. That is the one thing I dont like - I wish they could come up with some new helmet design that allows for glasses.
      Maybe tomorrow we can ride again.