Sunday, 26 February 2012

Weekend highlights

Ahh its sunday night - where did the weekend go?  How come they go so fast and the week so slow?  Actually my work week isnt so bad and I do enjoy my job.
But this weekend has been a good one too.
Lets see, friday night my son - whom I hadnt seen all week since he is working and then so busy with his buddies, came to visit me and then went to Canadian Tire for me to pick up my first set of tools that I bought.  I couldnt bring them home on the bike so he went and picked them up. I got a great deal on a socket/wrench set for 75% off the retail price.  Yay I now have tools to learn to fix my bike with!
After that he picked up Tim Hortons chili meals for us and he had dinner with me.
Saturday was a fun day - the first sleep over with my 7 month old grand daughter.  It was such a lazy day for me, sitting cuddling Heather, playing with her, feeding her and watching her sleep.
She cant sit up by herself yet but when I propped her up in the chair, she was able to stay sitting.
Heather really was excited with Gemini, my cat.  Gemini is a good cat but is 7 yrs old and gets a little cranky, but with Heather tugging on her she totally took it all and didnt even move.  This photo to the right made me laugh after I saw it on the computer - I guess Gemini was a little embarrassed with Heathers singing. LOL
Heather had a little heart to heart chat with Gemini and then after that they were best  buddies.

Then later on just before bed, I discovered my middle daughters teddy bear.  Heather fell in love with teddy and even slept with him.
And....Heather went to bed at 8pm woke at 2:15am, had a bottle and went back to sleep until 6:30am, I think she slept better for me than she does at home! Experience works all the time.
Then sunday morning, my daughter came and picked Heather up and took her home and I couldnt wait to get into my riding gear and get Rascal out of the shed.  The sun was shinning and it was beautiful outside.  I messaged Dar and arranged a little tootle around.
I got Rascal checked out and gave her a quick rinse, lubed the chain and checked the oil, then I finished getting on my gear.  While doing my prep, then weather had clouded over!!  I had Rascal running and went to put my Helmet on, I have to take my glasses off to put my helmet on, and so as I put it on I could vaguely see something fluttering in the air! Once I put my glasses back on, there were snowflakes falling!!!  Aargh.  So I decided to go to Dars anyways - I figured I could always have a coffee and come home again.
So off I went, a few more flakes falling, then as I got off my road, the sun was shining again.  Really!!
By the time I got to Dars, as we were getting ready to go riding, moto daughter was very happy to tell us that it was snowing!!  Nope dont believe it.  But she was right.  We sat and had coffee and chatted and next thing we knew it had stopped!  I do believe it was because Moto Diva was so disappointed in the weather that it changed just for her. LOL
BUT moto mamas got out for our ride....
a short one - but a good one.  We stopped at the Oak Bay Marina.
                                                                      This was one of the stops on our stops on our traffic course we did.

Moto diva leaving moto mama for home.

Then moto mama and rascal made a few stops before heading for home too.
 I stopped at Gyro Park and beach.  Parked Rascal in a large puddle of water!  She is a dual sport so was quite happy riding in the mud!
 Beach at gyro park.                                                              

Then I headed to Brentwood Bay, the Ferry terminal.

 The marina at Brentwood bay.
 I liked the perspective of the loading ramp to the ferry and the sun behind me shining on the yellow bars against the dark storm clouds in the background.

 I rode around a little more and then headed to home.  Got home, got my bike parked in her shed, went inside and got my riding gear off and turned around and looked outside and saw this hail storm.....which went on for about 5mins then turned to snow for about 5 minutes.  The gnomes are used to this changeable weather on Vancouver Island.  They just keep on doing what they always do.

In Victoria if you just wait 5 minutes the weather changes.  That sun we were so excited about this morning was just a big tease!


  1. What is up with our West Coast Weather. It sure does change often. Our Saturday was like that. A little of everything.

    Love the photos of Heather and Gemini. They're both so stinking cute.

  2. Deb - Little Miss Heather is going to be a heart breaker when she is older!! Grandma better get a bigger bike to chase to boys with! They will hear you rev the engine just once and will know you mean business and they will take off running!!!

    Wow you had quite a good ride the rest of the afternoon. Lets hope it gets warmer for us to really go play!!! Maybe you should call Rascal - Mud Puppy......

    I think I am allergic to snow.

  3. Oh Trobairitz you are so right about them being cute. And being a grandma is so cool because you can spoil as much as you want!!
    Dar you are so good with names, I love Mud Puppy! And I was just invited to go on a off road course which will mean playing in the mud and maybe falling in the mud! haha but its not until May.

  4. Kiwi Deb:

    we have taken that Mill Bay ferry a few times. Once on a hot summer day we had to wait a couple of hours, so we had lunch at that restaurant by the pier.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  5. Bob - Brentwood Bay is a beautiful little town with lots of little nooks and crannies and yes its a cool little restaurant.

  6. Kid and cat, what's not to love. Glad you got out for a ride under these weather conditions. You are really made for this. Good luck with the wrenching... or let's hope you don't need the tools at all, now that you have them (sometimes this magic works).