Friday, 24 February 2012

TGTWIH - Thank goodness the weekend is here

Well I havent written for a couple of days, hasnt the time been flying by lately?  I know the drill - the older we get the faster time goes by.
Well a couple of things to report, my dad is doing great on his recovery and is itching to get out to his beloved BSA bike again.  But as to mum, her cancer has spread on her liver, maybe even the lung.  Its not looking great for her - she is starting the next form of chemo and has losing her hair to look forward to.  I really do wonder why my mum and dad have to have so many struggles in their lives.  I am not sure what I will do if anything happens.... its very hard to pick up and head back to NZ when I have lived over half my life here in Canada.  Its a huge struggle that I have.  My mum and dad, one of my daughters and two brothers are in NZ, but here in Canada I have my other daughter and two grand children and my son.
I have a quote from a Doris Day song that I tend to live by - "what will be will be" and then my personal mantra is to make the most of any given situation.  So on that note hopefully a lot of good wishes and prayers will help my mum recover as well as dad is now.

Well like I said this week went by fairly quickly.  Scarlet and Rascal had a couple of adventures this week, the last of which was a VERY WINDY ride down to the waterfront.  We turned off our usual route after battling the wind was a little "more" adventurous than we wanted.  Actually my bike is only 275lbs and so the gusts of wind literally were pushing me and my bike around a fair bit.  Even Scarlet - and I am sorry to says this dear, is a LOT heavier than Rascal, and she was having trouble with the wind too.  Even so we did get to see some awesome rough seas along the part of the waterfront we rode.

This week my tires arrived on the bus.....went to pick them up thinking - I will just put them over my head and shoulder and ride home!  Ahh wrong, for a start they were way heavier than I realized, bigger than I imagined, so the dilemma, how to get them home!  See below my solution.  I love my cargo net - its awesome!

 I think I am going to buy myself another cargo net too.  They can be used in so many ways.  I did just get given and older set of saddle bags that I need to do a couple of repairs on and then I will get them mounted on my bike too.  I can wait to do a road trip and pack my bike.  I have to start down sizing my camping gear too so it will all fit on my bike.

So earlier in the week we had a beautiful crisp sunny day and I bought my camera to work.  I was at a University of Victoria BC.  It is a beautiful campus and it has trees and flowers and birds and a beautiful setting and layout.  I will share some of the photos I took this week.  As the weather gets better I will venture out and get more photos of my work place.

The flag poles with the Canadian Flag, the British Columbia flag and the UVic flag.
Signs of spring!

Some reflected architectural designs and shapes.
Focus on just one blossom and the wind blows every time so its a little blurry.

My favourite picture - managed a not bad shot considering the wind was blowing.

Well its time to say goodnight and I am babysitting my 7 month old granddaughter tomorrow and over night for the first time.  My daughter and her fiance are moving into a bigger place with 3 bedrooms.  So for me babysitting is the best option.  I do not enjoy packing and unpacking.

Well goodnight and I hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. I am glad you Dad is doing better and fingers are crossed for a speed recovery for your mum too. hard not to worry even though there isn't anything anyone can really do.

    We too have had to downsize our camping gear. Smaller, lighter sleeping bags, cooking pots, etc. It can be pricey but is fun buy the new items knowing they are for moto camping.

    Beautiful spring pictures. Sure is nice to have the sun every once in a while. Makes the rain easier to take.

  2. Deb - Your mum & dad are in my prayers! Great pictures of the blossoms. Wednesday was pretty wild riding. I wasn't expecting that wind at all. Did you see the guy who stepped right out in front of the my bike, THANK GOODNESS I was going slow and hesitated when I saw him. He didn't even look, he just stepped right out into the street. OY, pedestrians are like unpredictable deer at times.